How do I choose my wardrobe for the shoot?

The key is to wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks. Whatever outfit makes you feel best. That said, I do have suggestions for your wardrobe: things like showing your collarbones, emphasizing your best parts, and so on. I will help you with styling as much as you’d like— and will help guide your wardrobe both before and during the shoot. Feeling comfortable and beautiful in your clothing is crucial! When in doubt, think bare shoulders and a confident attitude. 
You may also hire my amazing wardrobe stylist, who has exceptional personal, editorial and commercial experience. 

Do you only shoot at your home studio and gardens?

I am very strategic in my choice of locations and backdrops, and shoots are designed for my studio and gardens. In order to produce images at this caliber, I require a level of production, security, and permits to keep shoot standards high. If you have a unique location in mind, then the Supermodel Session are a good fit for you.

I’m awkward in front of the camera! Can you help me?

This is a relaxed, organic experience meant to be comfortable. I will guide you to be the best version of yourself- I think you’ll be amazed at the quality of images that can happen when you feel truly secure, at ease, and happy in your own skin.

I want to schedule my shoot but I’m waiting to lose ten more pounds!

At this level of photography, ten more pounds won’t make a difference. After post production, editing, etc the pictures will only reflect your highest self.
A year from now you’ll wish you had done it today. 

Do you do family or couple sessions? 

Yes, please see my sessions page for more info about family sessions. My specialty is individual editorial shoots for people with innate personal style, and I have recently added availability for families with children ages 1 and older.

Do you photoshop my portraits? I’m feeling insecure about my wrinkles/undereye circles/love handles!

In a word, yes. I use the best retouchers in the industry who work for major cosmetics brands, editorial work for magazines like Vogue and Harpers Bazaar. I’m very picky about my retouching and invest lots of time and energy into making it the best. I will edit to my standards and incorporate your feedback into the final images. It has to look natural, and it has to look like you- but heightened. 

How long will it take to get my prints after my shoot?

There are two stages to receive prints -first, the reveal session, then the print order and delivery. The reveal session will take place, in most cases, within a month of your shoot date. Delivery of all prints depends largely on the speed and delivery from my suppliers and printers. Printing at this caliber takes time, but it’s worth it!

Will I be able to order more prints in the future?

Yes! I will keep your images for at least three years, and you can order more at any point.

Will I receive an online gallery of my images so I can have digital copies?

Digital copies of each physical print you order, optimized for social media, come complimentary with your purchase. 

Can I bring a friend to cheer me on during my shoot?

Yes! You can bring one friend, as long as they agree to help the flow of the shoot.

Can I keep my images private?

Yes, upon request.

Why can I only view my images in person?

The print viewing session is when the magic truly happens, and it cannot be replicated. You’ll receive expert input and feedback on image selections, honed from my years as an editorial photographer, and see for yourself the wild difference between seeing your images in high quality, careful calibration instead of a cell phone screen: it’s the real you, but the version of you that appears in your dream world. The print viewing session will clarify the quality and opportunities for your print options, allow you to make specific requests for editing and retouching, and… it’s a hell of a lot more fun to view your prints with a glass of champagne.

Do you do family or couple sessions? 

Occasionally by request, but my specialty is individual editorial shoots for people with innate personal style.

Will someone else be on set?

While our portrait session will be private, I always have an assistant whom I know well on set. My assistants make the session flow more smoothly and bring a wonderful, positive energy to the day.

Can I take Behind the Scenes video or photos for social media?

Because of the level of design and care that goes into each session, as well as the privacy and quality of my home studio and gardens, BTS photos or videos of the set, me, or the interior or exterior of the space are not allowed. However, the view here is incredible! You may share photos of the rose garden, the view, and selfies in the mirror (because you're going to look so good-- who could resist?). 

May I bring my cello or other props to include in my portrait?

Yes, please mention what you’d like to bring when we have our pre-session planning so we can discuss how to best incorporate them into your shoot! 

May I bring my dog?

What happens if it rains on the date of our garden session?

If the weather seems dicy, we can set an alternate date when we schedule your session. That said, I prefer to not reschedule because often the light and ambience are spectacular right after a rain!

Will we need to sign a contract?

Yes- all dates are reserved with a signed contract.

How are you handling Covid-19?

Is your salon handicap accessible?

I'm ready to book! What's next?