Why “Stories?”

It’s what I do. I tell stories with images, whether I am publishing a fashion editorial or creating heirloom portraits. For editorials, the story is about fashion; for portraits, the story is about you. I take great care in producing all aspects of your session so that I can capture the various aspects of your personality and mix of your “looks.”

The two images below – both of high school seniors – are great examples. I created these about ten days apart earlier this month. (Luckily the deer had not yet eaten the roses.) I positioned the ladies within only a few feet of each other, along the west bank of lavender and roses in the garden, and took the photographs within only about 45 minutes of each other’s time in the evening. Yet the two images tell very different stories.

Both of these ladies are adorable, yet Heather (top image) is generally bright and bubbly and has light features, and Soli (bottom image) is generally more introspective and quiet and has darker features. I captured this difference in these images with deliberate yet subtle changes in positioning and lighting. 

What story would you like to tell? Tell me about your story here.


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