WOW! … I’m speechless.

Now that is what I love to hear! I delivered Milla’s images this morning, and that was her response. We shot in the Sanctuary a few weeks ago, on an evening with beautiful light and a gentle breeze.

Often we start out in one of the doors, it is always beautiful light and a great way to warm up. Then, as Milla and I were walking to another spot in the garden, I noticed the incredible light under the cedar. The best images cannot always be planned; there is a role for serendipity in every story.


Later as the light was beginning to diffuse through the large conifers on the west border, we were able to capture some gorgeous images with the breeze. Oh my, that profile! Regal. The image with the sunglasses is one of Milla’s favorites.

Clients are surprised that I often suggest black-and-white images in the garden. People naturally think of color. I find that color sometimes is overpowering, or the colors do not harmonize well. BW images emphasize texture, not color, and they are often the most pleasing way to capture an image. In this one I love how her hair and the hydrangeas complement each other.

I still have a few open slots in the Sanctuary in September and October, and the foliage will still be spectacular. What story would you like to tell? Let’s begin our conversation here!

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