Do I do “boudoir” sessions?

That term means different things to different people. I have and will shoot elegant, powerful portraits that involve sheer fabric, lingerie, or covered/implied nudity. (I am not the best photographer for full nudity or sexually-suggestive poses.)

In this case wardrobe makes an even bigger-than-usual difference. First, as discussed in a prior post, you must LOVE the pieces you will wear. The pieces also need to photograph well and fit perfectly, and the principle of “keep it simple” still applies. Finally, we should invest a little extra time in preparation to make sure your session is set up for success. (You might also consider a HMU artist and/or a wardrobe stylist.) It is helpful if I can see the wardrobe beforehand, and you can show me specific “inspiration” images from my portfolio or other sources. The shoot itself may last a little longer. Why? Because champagne, that’s why.

Below are some examples from the past several years that illustrate the type of images I can create with you. These are from editorials, as my clients are a little shy about their personal images. I promise I can make you look just as amazing with the right choice of wardrobe, pose, lighting, and lens.

Below is Keterri in “Loft Life,” shot in Hudson Yards, Manhattan, on my birthday in 2017. The second image has been printed in platinum and hangs in my personal collection. It’s breath-taking.


Here is the ever-elegant Amber and her world-class widow’s peak, in a Helmut Newton-inspired lingerie fashion editorial from the summer of 2018. This was shot at The Baccarat hotel in Midtown, my favorite non-studio studio other than my own Salon. Can you say “strong?” The second image hangs in an editor’s personal collection.


Here is Dayna, in vintage Yves Saint Laurent, in a beauty editorial from the spring of 2018. When an editor asks to display a large print on their wall, as another editor did with this one, I must have done something right.

And next is Francesca, from “Dreamland,” shot in the fall of 2019 at the Baccarat. See the full story on my Editorials page. One of my favorite shoots of all time. A palladium print of the first image hangs in my studio.

Finally, Soli wearing couture designer Layneau, shot here a few weeks ago in the Sanctuary garden. (Stay tuned for the full editorial “Secret Garden” in the coming days.) This was a beauty editorial, and I selected this rose from the garden to emphasize her lip color. No doubt some of these images will be printed large and hanging on a few walls soon.

Are you inspired to have images like these for yourself? Let’s tell your story today. Start the conversation here.

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