I love to shoot movement. How and when I do depends on the story I want to tell. Different camera settings, lighting, and types of movement achieve different types of effects. Here are some examples; the featured image above and the first four below are from editorials and the last two are from recent (as “recent” as Covid has allowed) portrait sessions.

Above is high-school senior Soli with her horse Bubba and dog Bandit. Yes, she rides bareback! This was captured on location in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

Below, Elena is a world-class runway and showroom model for such brands as Armani, as well as a wonderful person. (Check out her IG @kurnosova.) I have worked with her more than any other model – five times – because she knows how to perfectly showcase fabrics. In this story I used bilateral hard lighting to accentuate the fabric – and yes, those are extensions in her hair!

Awar had just returned from the A/W 2019 Paris Fashion Week, where she opened Balmain’s show. So naturally Stacey had to style her in Balmain in at least one look. She is a natural mover, and in this case I used a single strobe to freeze movement.

Anja is a former dancer whom we cast because the editor wanted fabrics that could move to highlight their sheen. I used a single strobe with a large soft modifier mixed with ambient light – and a huge fan. You can see the full set of images on my Editorials page.

Here Marinet from The Lions is wearing an independent Spanish designer for my upcoming fashion editorial for Status Magazine. It will be on my Editorials page in another month or so. As we were shooting I mentioned that she looked like a perfect Dolce & Gabbana model, to which she replied that she had just shot an ad for them! This was all natural light, as I wanted maximum softness and fluidity in this cape.

My dear client Darlene wanted a set of images that reflected this particular period in her life. She booked a social-distance session in the Sanctuary garden after I had shot her graduating-senior daughter Heather earlier in the year. This image of her walking in the soft light of evening is her favorite, and especially important to the story she wanted to tell. I am so proud we were able to capture it together. See what she has to say on my Testimonials page. Platinum prints for both her and her daughter are in the works.

Finally, Sabra is in a happy place in her life, and the set of twenty (!) or so images that she selected from her shoot naturally included many that reflected that fact. Her pictures are scattered about this site, and her testimonial is on that page. A platinum print of another image is currently in process.

What story can we tell together? Learn more about the process here.

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