I can set the table and serve dinner, but you need to bring your own special sauce. It’s that simple. I’ve selected this set of images – just five of about twenty from this recent Salon Session celebrating a special birthday – to illustrate the point. The entire session was shot on a simple black […]

Now that is what I love to hear! I delivered Milla’s images this morning, and that was her response. We shot in the Sanctuary a few weeks ago, on an evening with beautiful light and a gentle breeze. Often we start out in one of the doors, it is always beautiful light and a great […]

The world of images is full of, well, unfortunate retouching. It is unfortunate because it ruins otherwise nice images. The tell: skin texture that looks like a glowing plastic barbie doll or, if there is any texture left at all, it is (unrealistically)¬†uniform across the face. Take a quick peek at social media to see […]

That term means different things to different people. I have and will shoot elegant, powerful portraits that involve sheer fabric, lingerie, or covered/implied nudity. (I am not the best photographer for full nudity or sexually-suggestive poses.) In this case wardrobe makes an even bigger-than-usual difference. First, as discussed in a prior post, you must LOVE […]

I love to shoot movement. How and when I do depends on the story I want to tell. Different camera settings, lighting, and types of movement achieve different types of effects. Here are some examples; the featured image above and the first four below are from editorials and the last two are from recent (as […]

Every client asks me what they should wear. The answer: wear what you love, what makes you feel like a million bucks. I promise you, if you wear something you don’t really love, it will show in the image. That said, some things photograph better than others. A piece of wardrobe should either help tell […]